Bristol, Oxford and Warwick at iGEM 2017


There were over 300 teams and 5,000 participants at this year’s iGEM Giant Jamboree, but three teams were especially close to our hearts: Bristol, Oxford and Warwick. These three universities are the home of the SynBio Centre for Doctoral Training.

You can see results for the entire Jamboree here, or read about the event as it happened from our live stream.

You can contact all of the teams or click on the team name to visit their wikis and learn more about what they did. Thanks in particular to Oxford and Warwick for putting up with me: they delivered some brilliant impromptu descriptions of their work on camera.

Bristol – BREATHE

Bristol won a bronze medal for their innovative NOx-absorbing E. coli bioreactors.

Oxford – See Cruzi

Oxford won a gold medal and the undergraduate prize for Best Diagnostic, as well as nominations in six other categories.


Warwick – BLUEPRINT 361

Warwick won a bronze medal for their light-activated bacteria which synthesise a biocompatible surface to help heal broken bones.

Congratulations to the Bristol, Oxford and Warwick teams on their achievements!

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