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Design and Engineering of Synthetic Biosystems

2018-09-09 - 2018-09-17

This Advanced Lecture Course explores the rapidly developing area of synthetic biology. We will examine how, in the process of trying to engineer new biological systems, we improve our understanding of the naturally evolved biosphere (build-to-understand). In addition, we discuss how synthetic biology is in the process of radically enhancing our ability to create products and processes that are of value to medicine, biotechnology, food security, energy and the environment (build-to-apply). Ideally, synthetic biologists want to be able to integrate defined biological components into functional circuits, pathways and other cellular systems that behave in predictable ways. However, biological systems are far more difficult to construct than electrical circuits, and part of the fascination of synthetic biology is the challenge of identifying what the real rules for predictable bio-assembly are. We will also consider the rapidly developing enabling technologies of synthetic biology, including DNA synthesis and large-scale (genome) assembly methods, CRISPR, robotics, advanced construction strategies for synthetic parts and circuits, and computational design and modelling.

This course will be of most benefit to PhD students, and early career postdoctoral fellows. The course will be comprised of lectures, seminars, discussion groups and tutorials. The course registration fee will cover the admin fees, accommodation, and the majority of meals. There are a number of travel grants available which will cover course registration and travel expenses.


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